Contest and Projects

Okay here is our first contest.  Valentines is coming up next month and here is the deal.  You plan a valentines party and send in your ideas for the invitations, party favors, decorations etc. and the winner will win a cake (up to a $75.00 value)  to go along with the party theme.  You will need to write a narrative of your party and provide pictures of the party invitations, favors and decorations, etc. They must be in a PTF, TIFF or word format.   Along with a copy of this signed agreement.

The cake must be picked up by Feb. 14th unless other arrangements were made.

The conditions of the contest: 1- You must leave in Utah and be willing to come and pick the cake up. 2-All materials submitted to us could be used on our web site and you must agree that we can use them on our web site to share with others.  This applies whether you win or not.  The last day for entries is January 25th.  The winner will be announced February 1st 2010.  The judges will be three of the Sugar Mama’s staff.


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